Dark White

by Vistalite

This is Vistalite's 4th EP.

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My name is Jesse Hoy. The reason why i didn't name Vistalite, "Jesse Hoy" is that I hope one day for Vistalite to be bigger than just me.

But in the meantime it's just me. I used to dance (elementary school and middle school), I used to be in a real band (The Deadly Syndrome) and I play the drums. These are the major parts that inform what Vistalite is. A little bit dance-y, a little bit drummy, a little bit rocky, and a little bit messy.

I love American Roots music and early blues, so I am slightly borrowing the way they structure lyrics. Trying to distill each song down to one point, one focus. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to screw that up (hopefully for the best) at some point as well.

I'm a husband and a father.

I plan on releasing 26 EPs, If you look at the names of these EPs you'll start to get where I'm going with the idea. The Bronx name all their records The Bronx because they want people to look at al of their work as a whole, as one lifetime of a band. I hope my 26 releases do the same. Moonface (Spencer Krug) is currently doing whatever he feels like, collaborating, pianoing, yelling about barbarians, etc. I really admire that as well, I'm hoping that my EPs will allow me to experiment, have some fun and write at least one song that really sums up everything I love about music.

After The Deadly Syndrome split up, and that was no longer in my life, the need to make and perform music became even more obvious. It's an addiction, a sickness, and luckily the cure is exciting and healthy.

Thank you for believing in me, or hating me enough to read this little blurb (I've noticed that we often like to know a lot about the things we hate, ie our love of crime shows about rapists and murderers, nobody actually likes rapists or murderers...right?).

As of right now I'm 34. LCD Soundsystem's success is the only thing that tells me I'm not too old for this. Like I said, I'm a husband and a father, so all my actions with Vistalite need to be deliberate and effective.

I compose most of my songs on an iPad. I've played 4 shows at this point, two of which went pretty well. I'm hoping to play a lot more shows and expand my live show capabilities in 2017.